Sunday, March 25, 2012

Novruz Holiday

This past Tuesday marked my first Novruz
celebration and it was great. Hard not to love a holiday that is a celebration of Spring, involves time off from work, valued time spent with friends and family, and a ridiculous amount of homemade treats and sweets.

Each of the four Tuesdays leading up to the holiday is dedicated to one of the elements (water, fire, earth and wind) and is marked with a bonfire at night that is jumped over. Then the actual holiday is marked the same way, but with an even larger bonfire. The belief is that all bad
things that have followed you over the prior year will burn in the fire and only good things will come going forward. A great holiday.
On the actual holiday date of March 20th there was a great festival in our city to mark the day and it was a lot of fun.

Included are a few pictures to give an idea of the celebration in our city and also at my home. (The woman in the last photo was too adorable for me not to take her picture. I loved her even more 5 minutes later when the festivities ended and the sweets were being given away from each table. She used her walking cane to hook the woman in front of her to get her attention and have her pass her some treats. Awesome!)

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