Thursday, December 1, 2011

One week until swearing in...

We are now one week away from finishing PST (pre service training), and this time next week we will all be official Peace Corps volunteers. When I think back on the time it certainly feels like much longer than ten weeks ago that we all met. You develop a certain familiarity with people as a result of spending so much time together, and I sometimes have to remind myself that we haven't known each other longer.

I have mixed emotions about the next 8 days. Part of me is so excited about moving to my permanent site and starting my work assignment, but another part of me is really bummed to be leaving. I feel like things are just starting to get to that comfort point here. The past week or two has just been really good - I am understanding more as the days pass and that is just the best feeling. One of the really nice things also is how much Azerbaijani's appreciate the attempt at learning their language. Most people seem genuinely happy to hear an American speak a few words so that is a pretty nice confidence builder.

I have also just gotten into a very comfortable routine with my family. They now know me and have become accustomed to my daily schedule and habits (even the ones that are likely very weird for them). I don't even get the lecture anymore when I leave the house with wet hair each morning (once outside though all bets are off - it is the inherent right of any older woman on the street to let me know that I will in fact probably die:)! It is also the nicest thing ever when I go to grab my perpetually muddy tall black boots from outside each morning only to see them now clean and in our hallway. So very thoughtful. After school and nighttime entertainment for my brothers has recently been provided courtesy of YouTube on my laptop and most nights find us watching at least a little Spiderman, Batman and Ben 10 in my room. It is always a fun time, until it ends in tears eventually, as all things must with four little boys in a house:)

My family and people in town even find it kind of amusing that I have bonded with the two stray dogs in our neighborhood. They are a cute male and adorable female that I give my chicken bones and any scraps I have to, and in turn I get an escort whenever I leave my house. School, a fellow volunteers house, the market, bus stop - no problem, they are up for it. We had to go to a neighboring town yesterday for a "hub day" with all PC trainees and had to leave here at 7am, which is considerably earlier than my usual day. In the still darkness of morning they were ready to go by the time I was out my gate, walked me to the highway and then waited next to us until our bus departed. They are very sweet and I will definitely miss having them around when I move.

All in, it has been a really good ten weeks and I am excited for the next two years.

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  1. Chris,

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us. It is a gift to feel as if we are on the journey with you.

    God bless and keep you safe and well along the way my friend.